Shakun Polymers Limited (SPL) as a responsible company is committed in making a positive contribution towards the society and the environment.  This provides us with the inspiration to build trust in our brand by developing strong relationships with all our stakeholders & by creating a long term value for our society and business.

SPL’s efforts towards CSR activities are based on ethical business practices and effective governance, which is the core quality of everything we do.

We try to work with all our stakeholders and suppliers to manufacture and function responsibly, creating a positive engaging workplace atmosphere for all our employees and strive to develop products that have good social, environmental and business impacts.

In our course of doing business we encounter various challenges, for which we try diligently to address these issues and move forward.  By doing so SPL will become much stronger, more responsible and a resilient business.

We are in constant contact with our stakeholders to help us understand their views on the most important social and environmental issues for them and try to focus our resources in those areas.