First Indian Company to develop and validate Crosslinkable Halogen Free Compounds

Solar Cables (SPL-ZHFR-EXP-422XL) , Building Wire (SPL-ZHFR-7000XL) , SHF2 (SPL-ZHFR-5300XL) and Power and Control Cable (SPL-ZHFR-EXP-421XL)

UL approved Polyolefin based insulation & sheathing compounds for Plenum Cable application

Shakun FrTek & VinylTek Special PVC Compounds

-50°C to 125°C application, T2/T3 automotive application, Special PVC TPR compounds, Oil Resistant & AT/AR

Company Overview

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is no more an act, but our habit.
Our actions speak louder than our words.
We make a commitment and stick to it forever and do not compromise ever.
Excellent things are rare and thus it makes us stand out from the crowd.
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Why us

Because we go beyond polymers and cogitate on delivering our best business solutions for our customers We strive to be the highest quality polymer manufacturer in the world with nominal cost and thus generate the necessary income to satisfy the aims and aspirations of one and all our customers, our employees, our society, our nation and our world
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What Make Us Stand Out In Market?

  • The company has strong technology and know-how with a strong emphasis on R&D and innovation.
  • The company has the approvals and technology for Halogen Free Flame Retardant compounds. It is the leading player in the growing Indian market for HFFR.
  • Fully equipped laboratory to carry out test in-house as well as outside lab in case of any special requirement.
  • Known for its quality and competitive pricing as well as its ability to maintain tight delivery schedules.
  • Understanding of international standards and working with customer in different part of the world. We work closely with customers on R&D and New Products Development.
  • The company has an established presence in India, South America, Middle East, North Africa and USA.
  • With a pipeline of new specialized product development, strong market focus, rising exports, hiring of industry specialists, the company aims to be in the top 5 players world-wide in the next 3-5 years.
  • Available Infrastructure with state of the art machinery area for expansion, the company provides an ideal growth platform.
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Shakun Polymers Limited
CIN : UI7119GJ1995PLC025304

Registered Office

  • 501 - 504, 5th Floor
  • Opp. Gujarat Energy Training & Research Institute,
  • Gotri Road,
  • Vadodara - 390 021.
  • Gujarat, India.

Email & Phone

  • Phone No : +91-26­5-6196 500/01
  • Fax : +91-265-61­96 565