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  • Which industrial segment/application does Shakun’s products cater to?

    Shakun manufactures products such as Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR/LSF/LSOH/ZHFR) compounds, Semi conductive compounds, PVC Compounds and PE Sheathing Compounds which are used for the wire and cable industry applications.

  • What are halogen free flame retardant compounds?

    Halogen free flame retardant (HFFR) compounds are used extensively in the cable, flooring and foam insulation. These compounds are generally based on polyethylene or co-polymers of polyethylene with the addition of mineral fillers to impart flame retardant properties. They are finding increasing use as replacements for PVC and other halogenated polymers for applications where lower smoke and lower acid gas evolution are required during a fire situation.

  • What is the current market for HFFR compounds in India?

    The present demand is not much at the moment but it is expected to go up soon in the near future as the BIS standard for use of HFFR grades will be implemented. Post such directive the demand would increase considerably.

  • What are semi conductive compounds?

    The main use for semi-conducting compounds are as electrical screening or shielding of power cables. The semi conductive shields are polymer composites, filled with carbon black to achieve good electrical conductivity. The semi conductive screen acts as a layer which protects the insulation layer in a cable and also the conductor.

  • What is the difference between bondable and strippable conductor shields?

    Bondable and strippable shields are used in the constructions of MV power cables. In some countries an outer strippable shield is preferred as a simple and safer connection of the cables, by easy removal without damaging the insulation and therefore ensuring reliability.